Boutique brand, web, & packaging design for creative service providers and emerging ecommerce brands.

An Elby brand feels like the first day of spring—a fresh start, a clean look, and a sense of subtle playfulness that’s as equally meaningful as it is eye catching. Elby brands are designed to help you increase pricing and sales, amplify your brand awareness, and elevate your perceived offer value. Our philosophy? If it’s not fun, it won’t get done—and it won’t feel right either.

We’ve arrived.

Playful. Colorful. Minimal. Modern. (Oh, and fun too).

The vibe

 For virtual work bestie vibes

For designers on the cusp of their glow up

For service providers and ecom brands alike

For emerging, standout products

For creatives of all shapes and sizes

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what we do

—chevelle smith, belle salon

"Lauren was extremely patient, kind and detailed in her process."

I would absolutely recommend  Elby Creative to anyone looking for branding and a website. They were very thorough in learning and understanding my business in order to create the most perfect branding and website for us.  You can tell she pours her heart and soul into everything she does. My brand and website are a dream come true and I am so proud to show it off!

—christina herbst, christina herbst photography

"I couldn’t recommend working with Lauren enough.

Lauren brings her enthusiasm and creativity to every project she works on. She brought my vision to life in a way I didn’t know was possible. She was able to not only meet, but exceed my expectations!"

—kailey carpenter, kbc wellness

"I have never been so happy and proud of my products.

Lauren is absolutely incredible. I have worked with some pretty terrible designers in the past that have been extremely disorganized and seriously lacking creativity. Finding Lauren and working with her these last couple years has been such a breath of fresh air. She is so patient, professional, very quick to respond, extremely creative and her processes are so organized and seamless. HIGHLY recommend.

I’ll help you shine (your way).

You know that feeling when you buy a new outfit? It fits beautifully, moves gracefully, and makes you feel like the best version of yourself. Well—as they say—dress for the job (or clients!) you want. That’s how our creative services help your business shine—a brand you can live in, shout from the rooftops about, and put on display. Let’s pop that last puzzle piece into place—and find the alignment you’re looking for. My promise? To guide you (with expertise), push back (with kindness), and lead you and your brand (with confidence) from sticky-note goals to real-life wins.

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