About US

At ELBY, we tell your brand’s unique story with character, impact, and connection.

Boring isn't in our vocabulary.

We believe in building brands that stand out amongst a sea of sameness. We lead our projects with kindness, compassion, hard work and a lot of Type A borderline-crazy organization.

We want to take you and your brand on a journey of transformation, leaving you in awe and wondering why you didn't work with us sooner.


Meet Lauren

It all began when I downloaded a bootleg version of photoshop in 2008.

Growing up, one might have called me a ‘hobby collector.’ I was deeply passionate about everything from photographing nature, painting birch tree forests and writing silly novels. When I discovered the feeling of bringing my ideas to life on the computer, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

From that point on, I knew that design was my true calling and it’s only brought me more joy throughout my 9 years of experience. I’m inspired by other passionate entrepreneurs, like you! I’ll always be your biggest cheerleader and business partner. I believe in relationships that go beyond the contract. I am proud to share that I am also now a design educator at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

We Believe

Luxury design

doesn't have to be boring


Be Your True Self /

Less is Always More

Be Kind to Others /

Hard Work Can Be Fun

Lead with Compassion

Our values are simple. We believe that kindness and compassion comes first. Our clients deserve to feel confident and overjoyed by their brand. We want their branding to match their incredible level of fiery entrepreneurial passion. We lead our projects  with compassion, empathy, and a willingness to listen and understand.


01. Bold Color

02. Interior Spaces

03. Human Connection

04. Life Experiences

05. Our planet

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