To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

flour·ish /flərish/ (verb):

The sun has risen after a cold winter. New opportunities are peeking up out of the snow. You wake up feeling refreshed and eager to work on projects that inspire you (for the kindest of clients). Your books are way in the green, you’ve paid yourself well, and it feels good. The most important part? You’ve got a spring in your step. You act different. You feel different. And everyone around you—your family, friends, and clients, can feel it too. 

Take a moment to visualize the future of your business (and life) with me.

Questioning everything during an uncomfortably slow season.


Taking a non-planned break from marketing, and watching inquiries dip.


Feeling overbooked, underpaid, and burned out.


Spinning your wheels, trying to figure out how to get results.


Which season are you in right now?

sow in spring. Reap in summer. Reflect in fall. Rest in winter.

 Intentionally slowing down to make space for reflection, goal setting, and rest.


A time where you pour into yourself and make real, actionable plans for growth.

Finding a balanced, profitable project cadence that works for your lifestyle.

Serving ideal clients, evaluating your systems, and making end of year plans.




What it could look like

Seasons are just that—natural and rhythmic patterns that all businesses experience. The key to moving through each with ease and grace is when you actively choose to reflect on what’s working (and what isn’t), and get support where you need it—the type of support that equips you with tools to face any season in business.

Make each season work for you 

Radical vulnerability? That’s kind of my thing. 

Trust me—no matter where you are right now in life or business, I’ve been there. I’ve lived through intense seasons of burnout, imposter syndrome that had me pushing through the day for all the wrong reasons. The world felt too loud, telling me to buy courses (that I didn’t finish), “be consistent” on social media (what does that even mean?) and sharing blanket advice (that felt confusing). I believed that I was doing things the wrong way, and felt directionless, paralyzed, and alone. 

Despite these challenges, I’ve forged a path that feels true to me. I’ve built a boutique design studio where I create colorful, classic designs for dream clients and studios (who are willing to pay for the value I provide!) I’ve educated designers as a university lecturer at UWM, through my course, Packaging Design Master, and now through my podcast Branding Bestie. Through it all, I found success my own way—by slowing down, listening to my intuition, and focusing on my strengths and passions rather than my weaknesses.

If it feels like you’re walking a frozen path on your own, I’m inviting you to the first day of spring. Let’s walk your path, and find your success, together.

let’s get deep

If you have the why in your life you can deal with any how.

—jen davis, hello june creative

"This program is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Lauren has the unique ability to actively listen, make thoughtful decisions, and give the most impactful and valuable advice that makes her an incredible mentor. She’s helped me through some of Hello June’s stickiest challenges, made our processes 10x better, and gently yet efficiently shone light on areas of my business that once had cobwebs—but now function like a well-oiled machine. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate, mentor, and friend."

"Lauren is so thorough in her explanations, has amazing resources, a timeline that feels so organized, and such great suggestions for pricing.

She’s so nice and approachable that she definitely makes you feel like you have support. I’m so glad I was able to connect with her and definitely recommend her for all who are about to embark on their own business!

What’s the impact?

Defining and achieving the way you want to flourish

Find radical, long-lasting success in your life and business that creates real, sustainable results

An aligned way to market your services for sales that feel good

Support in client acquisition, communication, and delivery

Streamlined systems for an efficient and harmonious workday

A newfound zest for business that attracts the type of clients who will pay what you deserve

A healthy business with less time working and more time with family

Well-being is taught and practiced, it doesn't just occur by chance

How will positive psychology help your business?

Positive psychology is the scientific approach to uncovering people’s strengths and promoting positive function. It's proven to help develop resilience and optimism,  improve problem solving skills and creativity, regulate your nervous system, and so much more. With the power of positive psychology, you can lead a fulfilling life rid of stress and burnout.

Implementing positive psychology practices helps me dig deeper than surface level issues. Many problems in business aren't related to your Instagram's feed aesthetic or how to structure a sales call - but rather, the problems are rooted in our underlying beliefs and mindset, the way we cope with negativity, and feeling overwhelmed by our emotions.

My holistic approach to coaching puts your mental well-being as a top priority, allowing you to fully flourish both at work and offline.

Strengths are seeds that grow within us and need tending to.

A cozy, 1:1 Mentorship Program that feels like springtime (with Beta pricing—the lowest it will ever be!)

What’s included?

This mentorship program doesn’t follow a specific framework or curriculum, and instead molds to your unique needs and goals. Here are all the deets.

• Resource library in Notion with forever access including:
- Client portal template
- Personal dashboard
- Canned emails
- Project management workflow

• 4-month container

• 4 spots available

• Unlimited Voxer (voice note app) access to Lauren

• 90 minute Goal Setting & Visioning Workshop

• Two 45 minute recorded coaching calls per month

• Weekly journal prompts

Curious what we can work on together?

- Uncovering your strengths (and using them to your advantage)
- Streamlining Your process
- Aligning your work schedule to your lifestyle
- Setting (and working towards) aligned goals
- Adjusting your positioning to appeal to the right audience
- Refining your offers for more conversion
- Planning and executing a marketing plan that works for you
- Establishing a profitable and lifestyle-aligned project cadence
- Setting and holding boundaries with clients
- Managing stress and burnout
- Creating and Launching Online Courses and Digital Products

The answer: anything! But these are some ideas:

It’s time to flourish in every season.

Find your springtime

- Sold out! Second cohort opening in June of 2024.

- Upon receiving your application, I’ll reach out on Instagram DMs to continue the conversation and determine if the program is a good fit for your goals.

- I’ll review and accept applicants on a first-come first-serve basis.