Resources for designers

Want to up-level your biz? Below you will find my favorite resources, both free and paid, to help you expand your services & organize your business.  

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Our Signature Course

Packaging Design Master

Packaging Design Master is a comprehensive course for freelance designers to learn the ins and outs of packaging design and prepare to work with your dream clients.

This course is for you if...

You would love to offer packaging design as a service, but your lack of confidence & knowledge is getting in your way

You often feel like you’re just winging the packaging design process

You're kicking yourself for not previously working for an agency so you could get that real world experience

You have no clue how to price yourself, keep your project organized or work with a printer

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A DIY Resource

Packaging Design Template

Looking to up-level your packaging concept presentations? Look no further! Simply plug in your designs and information into our template to bring your ideas to life and get your clients signing your praises.

Benefits of our template

Stop second guessing how to communicate your designs to your clients

Protect yourself legally by including critical info that will prevent potential printing erros

Save countless hours deciding the best way to present information

A peek at the template

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My holy grail

Favorite Design Resources

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Dubsado is the program I use for sending my clients contracts, invoices and proposals. I chose Dubsado over Honeybook because of the custom coded form capabilities, and FYI my proposal document looks like a beautifully custom coded web page!


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Notion is my daily task and project management hub. I recently switched from Asana to Notion and I’m loving the endless capabilities. 99 & Saint Claire offers a Notion for Designers template bundle that has changed my LIFE and I highly recommend it! Use the code “ELBY10” for 10% off at checkout!


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Flodesk is my email software that allows me to quickly and simply send stunning emails to my subscriber list. I love Flodesk because the templates are gorgeous and easy to adjust, and you’ll never have to pay any additional money for a large number of subscribers!